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Foundation "Latvijas Universitātes fonds"

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Vaļņu iela 10-2, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1050

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  • University of Latvia Botanical Garden
  • UL Alumni Excellence Prize
  • Latvia’s first Nobel Prize Winner in 2050
  • 500th anniversary of the University of Latvia Library
  • Grants for UL students
  • Basketball Club “University of Latvia”
  • Latvian Benefactors’ Prize
  • We’re bringing the music of the hottest modern Latvian Song festival to the Latvian Song festival held in Canada!
  • Support for iGEM Latvia-Riga team
  • Collection of donations for the scholarship “Bread for the Journey” – Ceļamaize
  • Restoration of Wolfschmidt manor in the Botanical Garden of UL Foundation
  • In memory of Roberts Rūsis – support for the creation of the Lettonias book
  • For the development of the UL Botanical Garden
  • Reconstruction of rhododendron plantations at the Botanical garden of the UL
  • Inna Šteinbuka anniversary Scholarship
  • Support Ukraine!
  • UL Innovation grants for students
  • Kristīne Krūma Memorial scholarship
  • Support for the development of Themis statue
  • Support for the 10th season of the UL Student Business Incubator

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The Law provides a tax relief for patrons (Section 12), which may be applied for a taxpayers donating to an organization of public benefit. The taxpayer may choose one of the following:
  • I To exclude the amount of donation from the the taxable base of the taxation period, not exceeding 5% of the previous year's profit after tax;
  • II To exclude the amount of donation from corporate taxable base of the taxation period, not exceeding 2% of the total gross wage earned by employees from the previous reference year, from which state social insurance payments have been paid;
  • III To reduce the corporate income tax calculated from dividends of the reference year by 75% of the donated amount, not exceeding 20% of the corporate income tax of the dividends.
The limit in points I, II or III applies to the total amount of donations made during the reference year.  

Individual patrons

The tax relief for individuals provided under Section 10, Paragraph one, Clause 3 of the Law on Personal Income Tax stipulate that the following payer's expenses are deducted from the amount of taxable income: amout which have been transferred in the form of a donation or gift to registered societies, foundations and religious organizations or their institutions of Republic of Latvia that have been granted a status of public benefit organization under the Public Benefit Organizations Law.

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Friends of the University of Latvia

The non-profit organization “Friends of the University of Latvia” (501 (c) (3) charity) is a partner organization of the UL Foundation, founded in 2012 on the initiative of John J. Medveckis. The Foundation unites USA citizens of Latvian origin – supporters of the University of Latvia. The foundation's mission is to provide a brighter future for education in Latvia. The main areas of support are scholarships for talented students, development projects for training and research, as well as reconstruction and infrastructure improvement projects. By donating to this fund, USA citizens may receive tax reliefs. Chairman of the Board: Martin Anderson +1 415.617.9959 | Members of the Board – Roberts Blumbergs, Guna S. Mundheim, Vaira I. Pelēķis-Christopher, Andris Ramāns & Peter A. Ragaušs will be happy to tell you about donation opportunities. BANK DETAILS Bank name: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Account title: Friends of the University of Latvia Account number: 118730060 Routing number: 322271627 SWIFT: CHASUS33 CHECKS To "Friends of the University of Latvia": Mr. Peter A. Ragauss 2120 Troon Road, Houston, Texas 77019 USA Learn more: