Collection of donations for the scholarship “Bread for the Journey” – Ceļamaize

Collection of donations for the scholarship “Bread for the Journey” – Ceļamaize

Ziedojumu vākšana stipendijai „Ceļamaize”

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“Bread for the Journey” – an essential provision during the first year of studies!

The first year at the University of Latvia is an important cornerstone for further studies, as well as future opportunities and choices in personal, academic and professional life.

Vigorous science means a strong country. Support it by donating!

The excellence scholarship “Ceļamaize”, administered by the University of Latvia Foundation is an opportunity to financially support a talented, purposeful and diligent first-year student acquiring undergraduate education at the University of Latvia, who, after completing the 12th grade, has shown excellent academic accomplishments and high achievements in extracurricular activities.

Knowledge cannot be taken away! Higher education is a value.

The amount of a single scholarship is EUR 2 200 per academic year. Our goal is to raise EUR 6 600 to support a promising young person throughout their bachelor’s studies, i.e. for three consecutive years. Contribute to the future of Latvia today!

Tomass Stepiņš

Recipient of scholarship “Ceļamaize” in acad. year 2019/2020

The scholarship transforms the student's life completely – beyond providing financial support, which enables a full dedication to studies, it assures that one's academic achievements have been truly appreciated.
And perhaps more importantly, it provides motivation, because there is a constant aspiration to be worthy of this scholarship and therefore the scholar strives for better grades.

Every donation matters

Gratitude to every donator!

  • Linda Mežmale FM
  • Lolita Kostjukova FBME
  • Sabīne Kaštaļjana FC
  • Anna Dorondo FC
  • Juris Baldunčiks FBME
  • Inga Pudža FPMO
  • Andis Draguns FC
  • Kristaps Jaudzems FC
  • Eduards Plankājs FHP
  • Karola Panke (Optometrijas 2013 BSP kursabiedru kopīgais ziedojums) FPMO
  • Inga Junolainena - Cālmane FEPA
  • Patrīcija Anna Vavilova FL
  • Diāna Ondža FBME
  • Jānis Švirksts FC
  • Andris Potrebko FPMO
  • Indra Segliņa FC
  • Didzis Berenis FPMO
  • Justīne Dižpētere Other
  • Zane Katrīne Kļaviņa FEPA
  • Janis Kurlovics FM
  • Mārtiņš Kālis FC
  • Līva Kukle FH
  • Pēteris Cikmačs FPMO
  • Anastasija Pavļenko FPMO
  • Didzis Elferts FB
  • Mārcis Auziņš FPMO
  • Juris Ludboržs FSS
  • Guntars Kitenbergs FPMO
  • Andis Draguns FC
  • Ilze Elbere FB
  • Toms Pāvils FH
  • Ugis Pallo FT
  • Nils Rostoks FB
  • Evija Gulbinska FPMO
  • and 25 anonymous donors donated
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