UL centenarian scholarship

UL centenarian scholarship

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The University of Latvia (LU) Foundation annually supports more than 100 most talented and promising UL students. Scholarships are an important financial support during the studies, promoting personal development and excellence of students. Each donation provides an opportunity to support a promising student – the future creator.

Close links unite the history of the University of Latvia (UL) and Latvian state. Both share the same idea of Latvia. Independence of Latvia is rooted in knowledge at various times acquired and continuously supplemented at the University of Latvia. The patrons have supported the University of Latvia since its founding, and today this support continues through the University of Latvia Foundation.

While awaiting the centenary of the University of Latvia, we invite UL graduates and friends to promote the development of UL and Latvian higher education by donating to the UL Centenarian Scholarship.

These scholarships will be awarded to students of both Bachelor and Master programs so that young researchers may fully devote in their studies and obtain an internationally recognized education. The amount of one scholarship for Bachelor students is 2 200 euro / acad. year.

Donate to the University with all sincerity!

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Gratitude to every donator!

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