I. General terms

1. University of Latvia foundation (henceforth – FOUNDATION) privacy policy (henceforth – policy) determines what personal data and for what kind of intentions are processed by FOUNDATION, as well it determines personal data processing capacity, protection, processing term and other questions associated with protection of personal data.

2. Terms used in policy:

2.1. managerFoundation, registered office: Vaļņu street 10-2, Riga, LV – 1050; 

2.2. userindividual (data subject), who uses donation site and agrees to provide own personal data. 

2.3. serviceservice, that is provided for a user in accordance with the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia. 

2.4. user data any information about the user provided by the user himself (for instance, name, last name, personal code, purpose of donation, amount donated); 

2.5. user data processing action or actions performed on user data (including user data collection, retention, use, transfer); 

2.6. third partyany person that is not a user, employee of the FOUNDATION or authorized data controller. 

  1. If user is exploiting FOUNDATION services, browsing website and sharing FOUNDATION with personal information, it is considered that user has learnd about this policy, read and understood it.
  2. Terms and concepts used in policy, that are linked to personal data protection, unless defined differently, coincide with the terms and concepts that are shown in the General Data Protection Regulation and other regulatory enactments in force in Latvia associated with data protection.
  3. All the information that is given to FOUNDATION by user is given voluntarily. User is personally responsible for the accuracy, relevance as well as applicability of the given data.
  4. Questions about personal data processing by FOUNDATION can be sent to an e-mail 
  5. While communicating with user, FOUNDATION is allowed to perform other actions to identify as well as document users identification fact, also to document given information or other performed actions fact, if data provider agrees with that.

II. Scope of the policy

8. This policy is applied for privacy and personal data protection regarding:

9.1. individuals contributors who has agreed to not be anonymous. 

9.2. FOUNDATION hosted website visitors. 

10. FOUNDATION takes care of user privacy and personal data protection, respect the rights of users to the lawfulness of the processing of personal data in accordance with applicable laws – Personal data processing law, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 for processing of personal data of individuals and free movement of such data and with that cancells Directive 95/46/EK (General data protection regulation) and other applicable laws and regulations in force in field of privacy and data protection.

III. Legal basis and purposes of user data processing 

11.  User data processing legal basis is one of the ones below:

11.1. according to the users consent; 

11.2. legal (legitimate) interests – to carry out existing commitments between FOUNDATION and user or lawfull legitimate interests of FOUNDATION. 

12. Purposes of user data processing:

12.1. providing the service to the user; 

12.2. user identification; 

12.3. realization of other obligations and rights specified in the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia. 

13. To provide service, FOUNDATION processes these user data:

13.1. name and last name; 

13.2. personal code; 

13.3. date of birth, in case if the user do not have a personal code, or any other users country provided person identification information. 

13.4. contact information; 

13.5. purpose of donation; 

13.6. amount of donation; 

14. User data is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.

15. FOUNDATION, while providing service, acts in accordance with the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia and the standards arising or in accordance with them.

IV. Security and transfer of user data to third parties

16. Users data are recieved from the user or users representative, as well as from the third parties in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments in force.

17. FOUNDATION gives user data to third parties in these cases:

17.1. the obligation to transfer user data follows from the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia; 

17.2. with clear and unambiguous consent of the user. 

18. FOUNDATION information technology systems have security features and tools in place to protect user d FOUNDATION uses all reasonable means to ensure user data security, integrity and privacy. FOUNDATION regularly review the security measures taken and update the technical means and organizational measures used.

19. In the process of user data processing FOUNDATION take all necessary steps to achieve and not exceed the purposes of user data processing.

20.FOUNDATION gives access to user data to those FOUNDATION employees whose work specification calls for it. Those mentioned FOUNDATION employees are given rights to process user data as far as it is needed to fulfill their work duties. 

21. Personal data can be given to other specified recievers for the performance of certain duties specified in regulatory enactments of the manager, realization of legal interests, as well as for the performance of contractual obligations:

21.1. lawyers, auditors, financial advisers and other consultants, in so far as they are involved in improving or verifying the performance of the manager; 

21.2. State Revenue Service. 

V. Cookie processing

22. To ensure complete operation of FOUNDATION website, FOUNDATION obtains data about the user using cookies.

23. The user has the right to change the browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. In this case individual functions or tools in FOUNDATION can be disabeld or function inproperly.

24.FOUNDATION site may contain links to third party websites which have their own terms of use and protection of personal data of which FOUNDATION has no responsibility. 

25.Information about FOUNDATION cookie processing policy can be found at 

IX. Changes in user data processing and termination of processing

26.FOUNDATION store and process user personal data for as long as this criterion exists: 

26.1. the user’s consent to the relevant processing of personal data is valid, unless there is another legal basis for the data processing. 

27. If necessary, the user has the right to amend, supplement or delete his data at any time, as long as it does not contradict the applicable laws and regulations and as long as it does not restrict provision of the service as well as other functions, right or duties of  FOUNDATION.

X. The right of the data subject

28. The user has rights:

28.1. to recieve information about their data and the processing of their data from FOUNDATION in accordance with the applicable regulatory enactments; 

28.2. to access the user’s data, request their correction or deletion, if permitted by the applicable laws and regulations; 

28.3. to objects to the processing of user data; 

28.4. to portability of user data; 

28.5. to request the suspension or restriction of the processing of your data, if such a right arises from the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia and it does not restrict the provision of the service, as well as other functions, rights and duties of foundation; 

28.6. withdraw data processing if it is based on the user’s consent. In this case, the lawfulness of the processing carried out before the withdrawal of the user’s consent is not affected; 

28.7. in the event of a breach of his or her data processing rights, request that the person committing the breach put an end to the breach; 

29.8. to apply to the Data State Inspectorate at any time to defend their violated rights. 

XI. Final questions

30. FOUNDATION has rights to unilaterally make changes in this policy.

31. This policy can be found in FOUNDATION internet website It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that he is familiar with the current version of the policy that applies each time he receives a service.

Donation right of withdrawal and repayment terms. 

The donor has the right to receive back his donation if it is no longer needed by the LU Foundation.