Support for the young researchers

Support for the young researchers

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Foundation "Latvijas Universitātes fonds"

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Vaļņu iela 10-2, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1050

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This investment supports the current and future activities of young, inquisitive and perspective researchers. Beneficiaries will be UL students who have already started their contribution in building a better Latvia and promoting development in the sector, which is their own individual call.

The aim of the scholarship is to support young researchers in Latvia in the field of exact, humanitarian and social sciences in order to promote the prosperity of these industries and related science fields.

Ilze Elbere

A.Raisters Honorary Scholarship recipient in acad. year 2016/2017

I can proudly state, that I am six-time scholar of the UL Foundation and because of that I especially appreciate the meaning of this support in my life. Depending on the academic stage, the scholarships were of different significance – at the beginning it was vital and allowed completely to concentrate on the study process and not losing valuable time at work, which would subtract a lot from lecture attendance or would force spending hours at the counter. Later scholarships provided possibility to participate in conferences and take courses abroad, thus gaining useful knowledge that could be used further in Latvia.

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