UL House of Letters and Academic area

UL House of Letters and Academic area

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Foundation "Latvijas Universitātes fonds"

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Vaļņu iela 10-2, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1050

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The House of Letters will provide premises for 11 000 students of humanities and social science. The total building area is 32,000 m<sup>2</sup> distributed in seven floors. In total the Academic area is about 5000 m<sup>2 </sup>wide. The beginning of the construction process is planned in 2019.

The academic area will bring together three novel UL buildings – House of Nature, House of Science, and House of Letters. The staircase consisting of 50 steps will serve as a symbol of knowledge and guide you to the Academic area.<em> </em> About 20 m<sup>2</sup> wide hydrogen laboratory will be built under the Academic area, which will be visible through the glazed wall from the slope of the area.

Initial estimated costs of the House of Letters and the Academic area are 52.9 million euros. To jointly implement the new campus of the University of Latvia, we kindly invite you to donate:
<li>One square meter of the House of Letters – 1 000 euros.</li>
<li>Small auditorium of 50 seats – 100 000 euros.</li>
<li>Medium auditorium of 100 seats – 200 000 euros.</li>
<li>Large auditorium of 300 seats (multiple of them are planned) – 400 000 euros.</li>
<li>The big stairs of the Academic area – 700 000 euros.</li>
<li>One step of the big staircase of the Academic area – 14 000 euros</li>
<li>Hydrogen Laboratory – 20 000 euros.</li>

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