Improvement of UL Botanicial Garden

Improvement of UL Botanicial Garden

LU Botāniskā dārza labiekārtošana

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The University of Latvia (UL) Botanical Garden is waiting for investors who are interested in preserving cultural heritage and investing in the development of the Botanical Garden.

Donations are needed for the following projects:

  • Formal garden by Wolfschmidt manor buildings
  • Reconstruction of irrigation system
  • Restoration of medicinal plant, biological and morphological group plantations
  • Restoration of rhododendron plantations along Vīlipa Street.
  • Greenhouse for selectionist Jānis Rukšāns’ collection of crocusses and other bulb flowers.

Uldis Kondratovičs

Director of the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia

I see the UL Botanical Garden as a green adornment of the University of Latvia, located almost in the middle of Riga. The mission of the Botanical Garden is to preserve, maintain and enrich plant biodiversity "ex situ", that is, outside its natural habitats, as well as research, education and popularization of plants in a variety of forms. The various public events are only as an added value where additional revenue can be made, but it does not cover the costs – in 2018 this revenue represented 35% of the total income. The remaining 65% consisted of UL funding, science funding, linked project funding, as well as donations.

Every donation matters

Gratitude to every donator!

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