Donations for “CEĻAMAIZE” scholarship

Donations for “CEĻAMAIZE” scholarship

Ziedojumu vākšana stipendijai “Ceļamaize”

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Campaign is organized in connection with the UL Foundation, whose goal is to support talented, purposeful and hardworking first year students at the University of Latvia, who graduated high school with excellent results (with distinction) and high achievements in other activities apart from academic line.

It is certainly worth supporting “Ceļamaize” scholarship, since it is among minority that provide financial assistance for first year students. The first year in university is crucial cornerstone for further studies, future possibilities, plans and choices in personal, academic and professional life. It is important to notice, that financial aid during the first year is especially significant, because in the first it is usually problematic to combine work with studies.



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Darta Rasa Ozola

“Ceļamaize” Scholarship recipient in acad. year 2015/2016

I will remember forever the instant when I got noticed on having scholarship. In order to show presentation slides to school mates, I opened email account that was on wall screen so that everybody could see. I also noticed a letter from the UL Foundation. By opening it, I heard class mate applause, before I could realize what it was about as I was too excited and thrilled. I want to express my gratitude to the UL Foundation and "Arčers" company for the possibility to get "Ceļamaize" scholarship. It helped my dream to turn into reality about journalistic studies and proved, that by strong will and purposefulness one can achieve everything.

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