Dr.phys. Kaspars Ērglis Honorary Scholarship

Dr.phys. Kaspars Ērglis Honorary Scholarship

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To commemorate the talented doctor of physics Kaspars Ērglis, who passed away in 2018 after a sudden and serious illness, we invite people to donate to a scholarship named after him. A scholarship is planned to be awarded annually to one graduate of the Bachelor of Physics programme for the most excellent experimental thesis.

Kaspars Ērglis grew up in the Sala village, near Jēkabpils and as a child was interested in electronics, physics, mathematics. Already then in a self-instruction manner he learned to master these things so professionally, that he was able to fix household appliances and electronics for the whole village. Later he studied in “fizmati” (Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry) of the University of Latvia, defending the doctoral thesis on the topic “Experimental study of properties and motion of flexible magnetic microfilaments” in 2010. Kaspars was a scientist and used his unique skills to combine the world of physics with electronics in order to create world-class experiments at the University of Latvia, Laboratory of Magnetic Soft Materials. In 2016, a study he performed together with Professor Andrejs Cēbers received the Latvian Academy of Sciences Award as one of the achievements of the year in Latvian science. He liked challenges, he was interested in clarifying the nature of things, finding his own way, building and programming. With his curiosity and ability to go into the details of complicated things, Kaspars was and will always remain a great example for colleagues and students.


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